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Ludogorets Razgrad beats Lazio Rome to meet Valencia. Or how the Italians went home unhappy.

28 Feb

Tonight, Bulgaria somehow managed to become one again . People who are not interested in sport listened to the sports news. Men who do not watch football /oh yeah, sure there are some/ switched the TV channel to watch the football match between Ludogorets – Lazio in Sofia. Was it all energy we put in the desire to win over the Italians, the definite football skills of  the Ludogorets Razgrad football team players, or perhaps the blend of all these brought the victory!
ludogorets lazio1

For years we haven’t watched such sport spirit which Ludogorets Razgrad showed tonight. They were loosing by 0-2 at home, and they managed to catch up, score and turn the total score in their favor . And there, just seven minutes before the end of the match the our goalkeeper received a 3rd goal in his net. Even this final minutes cold shower didn’t scared or disbelieved the Bulgarian team. Ludogorets Razgrad players found the courage, the strength and the will to fight until the end. They dared and they scored and equalizing goal and by thus the Ludogorets team won the right to be a part of 2014 Europe League 1/8 finals. We know Lazio as a very good team, but for years the Italian team is one of the mediocre football teams in the Serie A. Lazio came to Sofia, Bulgaria with the advantage of being strong team, with many years of all kind of international football competitions. But although all the Lazio’s high played class football players on the field, the team failed to show us more than just an ordinary game with no sings of fair play.

ludogorets lazio

So the Italians in Sofia – Lazio team and managers, fans and supporters were forced to pack up quietly the bags and go home with unpleasant memories. What about the Bulgarians – our joy and euphoria can not be described with words. The only thing that can make our happiness more to somehow wave the beautiful earned Bulgarian win in front the faces of all the Italians in Burgas. We imagined ourselves smiling widely to the Italians in BarBossa, nodding our head toward the TV. Hey, did you hear that Ludogorets Razgrad eliminated Lazio Rome from the finals of the Europe League? And then we remembered that these Italians in Burgas are not very interested in football.


And we have always been fans of Neftohimic Burgas, Chernomorets Burgas, CSKA. And yet Ludogorets won our hearts! So we will be with the Bulgarian team in two weeks when facing Valencia. Valencia is a beautiful city. Very beautiful. But we promise not to step there, nor in Sofia for the next stage of Europe League matches. We will stay in front of the TV in order to continue the winning row. Guess we are somehow superstitious.

But our promise is in the days around matches between Ludogorets Razgrad – Valencia to visit our favorite Spanish restaurants in Varna and bars serving Spanish cuisine in Burgas.
The first game for the Europa League 1/8 finals is between Ludogorets Razgrad – Valencia on 13th March, Thursday in Sofia. So we think the previous weekend to visit Bar’celona Cafe & Bar Burgas tapas night and eat delicious tapas. And after the second game when we’ll know the final score – will Ludogorets Razgrad continue towards the ¼ final of the Europe League we’ll take a culinary trip weekend and will definitely visit Bodega Restaurant Varna.


Online Restaurant Booking

23 Feb

online restaurant booking   You wake up at 3.00 in the morning. You take a look at the beautiful creature that sleeps next to you and you realize that it’s your anniversary tomorrow.
online restaurant booking1Or suddenly you remember that you forgot to book a kids club for your child birthday party /something that you promised to do to your wife 4 days ago/. Do you need to wait until tomorrow morning when the restaurant, kids club or your favorite pizzeria opens? No! Not anymore!

Bedroom evening - woman with laptopNow you can book a table in a restaurant in the middle of the night, early in the morning, even when writing the annual financial report, without you colleagues to understand. How? It’s very simple.
Online restaurant booking has been there for years. Most often people associate online booking with hotels and vacations. It’s an undeniable fact that online reservations are more used in the hospitality area. But the interesting thing is that the online booking is an emerging new trend in the world of restaurants, bars and nightlife. It’s called online restaurant booking or online restaurant table booking, online bar booking and other similar names associated with online booking, reservation of pizzerias, bars or clubs. The online restaurant reservation is used only for banquets, weddings and various corporate and family celebrations, but also just for ordinary dinner.
The benefits of online restaurant booking are more than obvious. It saves the demand of accurate details – address and telephone number of the restaurant. It saves the annoying conversation with someone from the staff, either a waiter or manager.
But most of all – online restaurant booking is fast, easy and  offers 100% correct transfer of required data – date, time, type of table, number of people, name and surname. The possibility of error in recording for example the reservation date is practically equal too.
online restaurant booking3

All you need is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC, and two minutes. Online booking a table at a restaurant is quick, easy and practical.
1. Select restaurant, bar, pizzeria, cafe, kids club in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv, Sofia or another town in Bulgaria.
2 . Choose date, time, number of guests.
3 . Fill in your contact information – name, phone, e-mail.
After clicking and confirming your reservation, you will receive a reply with the details in your online restaurant reservation and respectively confirmation.


Restaurant Booking

23 Feb

Making a reservation for a restaurant table – do I need to?
Surely you, like most people have had the unpleasant and annoying experience with confusion and misunderstanding, by lodging in a restaurant.
restaurant booking

The most common scenario is the following:

* First, you start with a search of contact details of the restaurant – phone and address of restaurant, bar, pizzeria, which you’d like to visit. Today, though internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, not all restaurants have their own websites. However, there is always Google. And once entered the name of the desired restaurant in Burgas, Bar in Burgas, pizzeria in Varna, you probably reached one of the most complete and probably the most correct online guide to the world of restaurants in several cities of Bulgaria – Naturally, there are other catalogs, websites that we offer more or less complete information and contact details. And it’s true that there’s Facebook too.
You were probably able to find through any of the above methods your favorite restaurant or bar’s phone number. It took you few minutes, right?
* You give the chosen restaurant a call.  Most often someone answers. Unfortunately, sometimes, especially in the busiest restaurants such as Shtastlivetsa Restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo is not always easy for the staff to answer in time. But let’s say you have reached the manager. And there the conversation starts. They ask you for details:  when for you’d like to book a table, for how many people, at time you will arrive, under which name should the restaurant table reservation should be made, a telephone number… Details. The conversation is usually short. There’s often a noisy background. But you hope that everything is noticed accurately and correctly.

* The day comes and you are heading to the restaurant or bar, where it turns out that they expect you tomorrow.  Or the arriving time is not correct. But how is that possible? Did you confirm the information? Yes, you did.. But the restaurant manager probably got it wrong.
And shifting tables starts.  Yes, one way or another they will manage to find you and your guests some place, but does it have to be this way?
Of course, this is the worst scenario. There is another one funnier. You’ve spent some time looking for the restaurant contact information, phone, address of restaurant, bar, pizzeria, pastry shop, club in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv. You give them a phone call; make a reservation for a table. And when the day of the reservation comes, you go and it turns out that the restaurant is empty. Can you be sure that if the next time you skip calling and booking a restaurant table, the situation will be the same? There will be vacancies? Or that you’ll be able to find place in the bar for the live show concert of your favorite band.

And how much more convenient it would be if there was a system for precise and flawless transmission of all the information, online booking for restaurant, bar, club. Either way you spend long enough time on the internet. Why calling the restaurant when it can be even easier.
Congratulations. Online restaurant booking systems exist for more than10 years now.

More about online restaurant booking, bar, club, pizzeria booking; online restaurant table reservation, online Booking a table in a bar you can get here.


Serbian Pljeskavica vs Italian Pizza

23 Feb

Burgas. The Mall. The New Mall as they call it, though he is old now. An Audio advertising – weird funny type offering some sort of “Pljeskavica and Pizza”. We believe it was about a newly opened restaurant in Burgas. Forgive us our ignorance, but we haven’t checked this restaurant yet.

restoran_pirke_-_gurmanska_pljeskavicaListening to this advertisement, we,, got only one thing: this new restaurant will be run on the principle of most Russian restaurants mixing Italian Cuisine with Asian cuisine for example. So this Restaurant in Galleria Mall Burgas specializes in combining Serbian Cuisine and Italian cuisine. And we like both. We just adore meat wrapped in a veil and thrown on the grill fire. Separately we worship also the authentic Italian pizzas.
authentic-italian-pizzaFor Italian restaurants in Burgas we can talk a lot. In our immodest opinion, shared by some of the Italians in Burgas, the best pizza is in Boulevard Pub Burgas. We tasted the pizzas at  Zornitca Pizzeria Burgas. The Pizzas at Incanto Italian Restaurant are also good. But we dare to say that only the pizzas at  Bistro Cafe Roma Burgas  can compare to those of the Boulevard Pub. The chefs at Romance Pub & Pizza have something to offer to the fans a thicker crust. If you’re like us connoisseur of the thin crust and quality ingredients, we recommend you the Boulevard Pub Burgas.

And when more sober, we thought it was time to revisit Gusticceria Foods – authentic Italian breeze in our sweet little boring Burgas.


Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

23 Feb

Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

My first Asian cuisine childhood memories are of Vietnamese cuisine, somewhere in the 80s back in the 20th century. Then in Bulgaria along came the Chinese cuisine and Chinese restaurants. Later as a part of the Asian cuisine inevitably came also the Japanese cuisine.
The Japanese culture, eating with chopsticks and Japanese cuisine entered in the everyday life and eating out habits of the people. Eating culture has change. To order sushi in a restaurant or place an order for sushi food delivery is quite normal nowadays. For the last 10 years when Japanese cuisine took its place not only in the food and dining out establishments, restaurants in Burgas, but also in the hypermarket chains as ingredients for home Asian cuisine cooking.
Sushi is no longer synonymous with raw fish and seaweed. We are now able to make the difference between maki and temaki.  We know where to buy  Nuri and what wasabi sauce means.
Sushi bars and sushi restaurants in Burgas, Varna , Plovdiv, Sofia and other towns  in Bulgaria, offer from traditional types of sushi to fine Asian cuisine and Japanese food prepared with passion, patience and careful combination of unique flavors.
Increasingly, sushi restaurants create Asian cuisine inspired by Kaiseki, Zen , traditional Japanese cuisine and Western influences and experiment – all in the name of healthy and quality food.
The freshest seafood and fish, cut under the laws of Kaiseki becomes sashimi, ongini, temaki.
Crunchy tempura delight envelops the senses; vegetables transformed into sweet tayaki; vegetables and meat wrapped in delicate Japanese frying pasta…
Japanese cuisine is designed to overflow tastes in all senses and leave you with the feeling of purified elegance, lightness, delicate harmony of East Asian breeze.
Many of us have mastered the non professional skills of making sushi at home. Following strictly or modifying recipes, it is important to respect the balance and the fine taste.

We personally leave the taste to flow from the hands of the professionals in our favourite sushi restaurants in Burgas, Varna and Sofia.
Here are some of the best Asian restaurants, specializing in the traditions of Japanese cuisine:

Sushi House Burgas

ZEN asian cuisine, sushi & bar Burgas

Sazae Sushi Bar Varna

Happy Bar & Grill Sushi Burgas

/photo by


The Italian Man – Statistic Representation

22 Feb

brownpufferresized    We do believe in statistics. It claims that there is something like a representative sample. Let’s say that in our sweet home “The best town to live in” -  Burgas there have been seen few samples of the strange mythical creature called “Italian” or “Italian man” .
It is still winter. There are not so many restaurants, pizzerias, night clubs, bars in Burgas. Live music shows are not a priority here in Burgas. The sea water is freezing, the weather is cold, and unless you’re a polar bear or a penguin, going to the beach and swimming is not the best idea. So we decided to rely on good old look around, discuss and analyze the available information.
In the early spring of 2013 started the beginning of the Italian presence. We didn’t even notice some of them. However, somehow the Italian spirit surrounded us. Yes, sometimes it was the taste of an Italian pizza, which we were happily munching on beer, other times we were looking forward for the next Italian classic retro songs on the radio. We laughed and had fun.
Imperceptibly the number of Italian men in Burgas has increased to the extent that visibly felt invasion of our favorite bar in Burgas. They began to come in pairs, threes, fours … As far as we heard the number will increase with the onset of spring and summer of 2014.
But enough with background, here are the facts: strange, but all Italian men are alike, visually and mentally!
images* Dressing behavior – Italian style
How can you know that an Italian is approaching besides the tactful or brazenly hitting on you? Now, we’re talking about knowing that this guy is Italian from a distance of 15-20 meters depending on the myopia.
Small, typically puffer jacket  called “a jacket with waffles” with a mandatory hood with puff / some say to be modern/ black knit hat, black-rimmed glasses type “intellectual from the 80s”, decently balding.
If he’s by its own it might be confusing and you could mistake him from the distance … But if there are two men, – with engineering accuracy you can conclude – Italians!
The behavior is also similar. They go out mainly on Friday and Saturday night. A restaurant, bar, the next bar, night club, disco. To eat they prefer Italian food. It’s also true that they won’t refuse to try traditional Bulgarian dishes. It often appears that the origin of the dish is controversial. Go argue with a Sicilian man that the potato balls which your mother makes on Sunday are not the famous so called Sicilian potato balls of his Grandma …
You  cannot argue with a Sicilian guy, it’s useless, he is always are right .

Man-eating-spaghetti-001* Dinning behavior – Italian dinner
For the Italians Food equals life. A good meal is a symbol of the good life. Most of the Italians are skilled chefs. We had the honour to try homemade Italian food. Everything is done with attention to detail. The recipe is followed precisely. But … Why should they eat the salad after the main course?  We haven’t received an answer to this question. Italians eat everything with bread. Pizza with bread. Pasta with bread. Compulsory part of the order in a restaurant is the focaccia with rosemary,  focaccia with olives, focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes, oregano … Whatever Focaccia offers the restaurant. To our surprise, it turns out that most of the best restaurants in Burgas offer extremely delicious focaccia.
Italian men love local wine. We received many compliments of the good and quality production of wine. Coming from Italian this compliment sounds as a first prize in an international competition. The homemade rakia /brandy is also highly appreciated. The Italians drink it with pleasure, but after dinner in as shots for better digestion.

IMG_15951* Invitation behavior – to pay a visit Italian style
Italian men love to get together with guys from their own kind. We busted the myth of the Italian lovers of football. At least those Italians in Burgas fall more for gathering in order dinner and grooming friends or colleagues, fast speeds and motors. There are very few football fans. But let’s wait until the start of World Cup 2014.
So – if you have been invited Italian dinner at home, make sure you bring wine. The invitation will say that only your presence is enough, but a bottle of wine would be appreciated as well. Yes, this small note about the wine will be written in the invitation mail. You can also buy some dessert – a cake or some sweets, vanilla ice cream. The Italians will be glad. They look just like children in a pastry shop at the sight of dolci – desserts. When invited to a Italian home dinner party get ready for five things and a bonus:
1.  To hear the story in details why this menu of typical Italian cuisine has been chosen;
2.  Detail description of the preparation of each dish;
3.  To eat quickly, faster than you can imagine because until you’re still on the appetizer, the main meal will be over – the Italian eat damn fast;
4.  To drink different types of wine – mixing white wine , red wine … The type of wine does not matter. More probably  you start with white, go red – Merlot, Cabernet , Pinot Noir – whatever brought the guests and the host has and then again with a glass of white wine with the dessert. Finally the end will be by shot of brandy or grappa.
5.  To leave at 23.00. Why? Well, just because this is the way they are used to. All leave early. And if you do not want to look strange in the eyes of the Italians – follow the saying “when in Rome… act like the Romans do”.
/this in case that guests are more than just you. If it turns out, my dear girl, that you’re the only guest – then expect something totally different that is described here /

What about the bonus you might ask. Well, you saw the picture, right? Get ready and prepare yourself to see a heartbreaking picture of the host /a male Italian/ kissing some of his friends /also male Italians/ on their baldy heads. We never asked why the hell?!?! But we assumed it was some sort ot showing who’s the Boss around the house. Or maybe some silly South Italian tradition. Or perhaps just love! Ah, Italians – That’s Amore!
slowly_s345x230* Going Out Conduct Behavior – Nightlife Italian style
Do they go out together or alone from home – this is something we do not know. However, most often one of them comes in the bar. He looks around; judging how’s the situation looking like.  He orders a drink – most often a beer and continues looking. He usually prefers to pay now. In 15 min the other Italians begin to come in twos and threes. Until they gather in a group of 10-15 Italians.  Everyone orders a drink, pays. Most often when in the bar the Italians order a beer, drink it and leave. Meanwhile everybody notices them. It[s impossible to neglect the picture of a compact group of 10-12 men, half balding, well dressed, wearing reading glasses and puffer jackets with the  mandatory pads and hair on the hoods. Once the beer is finished, the group heads to the next bar in Burgas. Or night club. They don’t stay long in any place.
Because we are good and nice, we will give hints and guidance where you can meet this mythical creature – Italian man or group of Italians in Burgas. Since, as we said they stick to stereotypes, the Italians can often be seen in some of the most famous restaurants, nightclubs and bars in Burgas:

Neptune Restaurant and Bar
Happy Bar and Grill
Happy Bar and Grill Sushi
Backstage Club

/*all photos used in this article are taken from internet, because ours are better not to be shown in public/


First thing First

21 Feb

It’s Friday, folks! It’s hitting the town time. Our goal, to visit some of the finest restaurants in Burgas, and after that to have a drink or two at our favorite bar in Burgas. Or why not take part some DJ party night?


Hello world!

21 Feb

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