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23 Feb

online restaurant booking   You wake up at 3.00 in the morning. You take a look at the beautiful creature that sleeps next to you and you realize that it’s your anniversary tomorrow.
online restaurant booking1Or suddenly you remember that you forgot to book a kids club for your child birthday party /something that you promised to do to your wife 4 days ago/. Do you need to wait until tomorrow morning when the restaurant, kids club or your favorite pizzeria opens? No! Not anymore!

Bedroom evening - woman with laptopNow you can book a table in a restaurant in the middle of the night, early in the morning, even when writing the annual financial report, without you colleagues to understand. How? It’s very simple.
Online restaurant booking has been there for years. Most often people associate online booking with hotels and vacations. It’s an undeniable fact that online reservations are more used in the hospitality area. But the interesting thing is that the online booking is an emerging new trend in the world of restaurants, bars and nightlife. It’s called online restaurant booking or online restaurant table booking, online bar booking and other similar names associated with online booking, reservation of pizzerias, bars or clubs. The online restaurant reservation is used only for banquets, weddings and various corporate and family celebrations, but also just for ordinary dinner.
The benefits of online restaurant booking are more than obvious. It saves the demand of accurate details – address and telephone number of the restaurant. It saves the annoying conversation with someone from the staff, either a waiter or manager.
But most of all – online restaurant booking is fast, easy and  offers 100% correct transfer of required data – date, time, type of table, number of people, name and surname. The possibility of error in recording for example the reservation date is practically equal too.
online restaurant booking3

All you need is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC, and two minutes. Online booking a table at a restaurant is quick, easy and practical.
1. Select restaurant, bar, pizzeria, cafe, kids club in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv, Sofia or another town in Bulgaria.
2 . Choose date, time, number of guests.
3 . Fill in your contact information – name, phone, e-mail.
After clicking and confirming your reservation, you will receive a reply with the details in your online restaurant reservation and respectively confirmation.


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