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The NightBus or how the Bus became a Night Bar

27 Aug


We were students once. And every Friday/Saturday night we had the same dilemma – whether to go home with the last bus for the day and miss all the fun at the disco, or to catch the first bus in the morning. Sometimes choosing the second option, no matter how tempting it was, meant one week grounding.

nightbus 2nightbus 1
The Russians invented the proper solution. Just catch the NightBus and have fun. You don’t even need a ticket. Just remember to call in advance for reservation. I guess online booking is also available. It’s like Drink&Drive, only you are the guest and you can drink and dance as much as you like!

nightbus 3nightbus 5
Going on a bus – bar on wheels is a unique experience. Yet have in mind that the bumpy road and lots of alcohol don’t match. Drink wisely and enjoy the ride. The NightBus is know 8 years now in Moscow. Too bad we don’t have that kind of bar in Burgas. But Who knows, maybe one day some clever entrepreneur will consider launching the bar on wheels idea here too. I can imagine a BurgasBus blue and white painted bus – bar in Burgas for all the curious customers.

nightbus 4nightbus 6
Dear restaurateurs and owners of bars in Burgas – start considering! All you have to do is to provide a bus, proper equipment, DJ, cool bartenders, one driver / desirable sober /, microphones and some karaoke. Who does not love to sing through the windows of the bus? Op, as we said windows – urination is also an important part of the night out culture. For this purpose, the Russians have provided toilet on the bus.
Thank you! See you at the 23.00h bus!
nightbus 11nightbus 10nightbus 9


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Rosé Restaurant in Burgas nominated for Restaurant of the Year by Bacchus magazine

05 May


13 years now Bacchus magazine holds a competition for Restaurant of the Year. Recognized in any of the six categories means that the restaurants, winning the first place in any of the categories: Restaurant of the Year, Best Hotel Restaurant, Debut, Original cuisine, Delicious place or The best selection of drinks, maintains high standards and the win honors the professionalism of restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers and the whole team of the winner restaurant.

Restaurant of the Year Bakhus Magazine

We were extremely happy to learn that among the 20 finalists for the Restaurant of the Year 2013 is one of our favorite restaurants in Burgas the Rosé Restaurant Burgas.

rosé reatsurant burgas
Rosé is a unique restaurant in Burgas – subtle and refined. Located on the busiest pedestrian street in Burgas, Rosé restaurant has the feel of a cozy French restaurant in the quiet streets around Paris. Meals offered by Rosé restaurant  Burgas have their unique delicate taste and the service is impeccable and delicate. Rosé is by all means a high-end restaurant frequented by foreigners and tourists in Burgas. Local people are somehow afraid of the fine atmosphere and elegant interior design of the restaurant Rosé. Maybe in Burgas we are not used to spoil ourselves. Because this is exactly what Rosé Restaurant in Burgas promise – to pamper you. To deliver you a culinary delight and aftertaste of carefully selected wines that remain in your memory for long wearing and slight flavor of that softest French melody which was gently spreading around the tables of Rosé Restaurant in Burgas.

We look impatiently forward to the end of May, when the jury of the Bacchus magazine will announce the winners. And we are confident that the Rosé Restaurant Burgas will be among them!


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Ludogorets Razgrad beats Lazio Rome to meet Valencia. Or how the Italians went home unhappy.

28 Feb

Tonight, Bulgaria somehow managed to become one again . People who are not interested in sport listened to the sports news. Men who do not watch football /oh yeah, sure there are some/ switched the TV channel to watch the football match between Ludogorets – Lazio in Sofia. Was it all energy we put in the desire to win over the Italians, the definite football skills of  the Ludogorets Razgrad football team players, or perhaps the blend of all these brought the victory!
ludogorets lazio1

For years we haven’t watched such sport spirit which Ludogorets Razgrad showed tonight. They were loosing by 0-2 at home, and they managed to catch up, score and turn the total score in their favor . And there, just seven minutes before the end of the match the our goalkeeper received a 3rd goal in his net. Even this final minutes cold shower didn’t scared or disbelieved the Bulgarian team. Ludogorets Razgrad players found the courage, the strength and the will to fight until the end. They dared and they scored and equalizing goal and by thus the Ludogorets team won the right to be a part of 2014 Europe League 1/8 finals. We know Lazio as a very good team, but for years the Italian team is one of the mediocre football teams in the Serie A. Lazio came to Sofia, Bulgaria with the advantage of being strong team, with many years of all kind of international football competitions. But although all the Lazio’s high played class football players on the field, the team failed to show us more than just an ordinary game with no sings of fair play.

ludogorets lazio

So the Italians in Sofia – Lazio team and managers, fans and supporters were forced to pack up quietly the bags and go home with unpleasant memories. What about the Bulgarians – our joy and euphoria can not be described with words. The only thing that can make our happiness more to somehow wave the beautiful earned Bulgarian win in front the faces of all the Italians in Burgas. We imagined ourselves smiling widely to the Italians in BarBossa, nodding our head toward the TV. Hey, did you hear that Ludogorets Razgrad eliminated Lazio Rome from the finals of the Europe League? And then we remembered that these Italians in Burgas are not very interested in football.


And we have always been fans of Neftohimic Burgas, Chernomorets Burgas, CSKA. And yet Ludogorets won our hearts! So we will be with the Bulgarian team in two weeks when facing Valencia. Valencia is a beautiful city. Very beautiful. But we promise not to step there, nor in Sofia for the next stage of Europe League matches. We will stay in front of the TV in order to continue the winning row. Guess we are somehow superstitious.

But our promise is in the days around matches between Ludogorets Razgrad – Valencia to visit our favorite Spanish restaurants in Varna and bars serving Spanish cuisine in Burgas.
The first game for the Europa League 1/8 finals is between Ludogorets Razgrad – Valencia on 13th March, Thursday in Sofia. So we think the previous weekend to visit Bar’celona Cafe & Bar Burgas tapas night and eat delicious tapas. And after the second game when we’ll know the final score – will Ludogorets Razgrad continue towards the ¼ final of the Europe League we’ll take a culinary trip weekend and will definitely visit Bodega Restaurant Varna.