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The NightBus or how the Bus became a Night Bar

27 Aug


We were students once. And every Friday/Saturday night we had the same dilemma – whether to go home with the last bus for the day and miss all the fun at the disco, or to catch the first bus in the morning. Sometimes choosing the second option, no matter how tempting it was, meant one week grounding.

nightbus 2nightbus 1
The Russians invented the proper solution. Just catch the NightBus and have fun. You don’t even need a ticket. Just remember to call in advance for reservation. I guess online booking is also available. It’s like Drink&Drive, only you are the guest and you can drink and dance as much as you like!

nightbus 3nightbus 5
Going on a bus – bar on wheels is a unique experience. Yet have in mind that the bumpy road and lots of alcohol don’t match. Drink wisely and enjoy the ride. The NightBus is know 8 years now in Moscow. Too bad we don’t have that kind of bar in Burgas. But Who knows, maybe one day some clever entrepreneur will consider launching the bar on wheels idea here too. I can imagine a BurgasBus blue and white painted bus – bar in Burgas for all the curious customers.

nightbus 4nightbus 6
Dear restaurateurs and owners of bars in Burgas – start considering! All you have to do is to provide a bus, proper equipment, DJ, cool bartenders, one driver / desirable sober /, microphones and some karaoke. Who does not love to sing through the windows of the bus? Op, as we said windows – urination is also an important part of the night out culture. For this purpose, the Russians have provided toilet on the bus.
Thank you! See you at the 23.00h bus!
nightbus 11nightbus 10nightbus 9


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The Italian Man – Statistic Representation

22 Feb

brownpufferresized    We do believe in statistics. It claims that there is something like a representative sample. Let’s say that in our sweet home “The best town to live in” -  Burgas there have been seen few samples of the strange mythical creature called “Italian” or “Italian man” .
It is still winter. There are not so many restaurants, pizzerias, night clubs, bars in Burgas. Live music shows are not a priority here in Burgas. The sea water is freezing, the weather is cold, and unless you’re a polar bear or a penguin, going to the beach and swimming is not the best idea. So we decided to rely on good old look around, discuss and analyze the available information.
In the early spring of 2013 started the beginning of the Italian presence. We didn’t even notice some of them. However, somehow the Italian spirit surrounded us. Yes, sometimes it was the taste of an Italian pizza, which we were happily munching on beer, other times we were looking forward for the next Italian classic retro songs on the radio. We laughed and had fun.
Imperceptibly the number of Italian men in Burgas has increased to the extent that visibly felt invasion of our favorite bar in Burgas. They began to come in pairs, threes, fours … As far as we heard the number will increase with the onset of spring and summer of 2014.
But enough with background, here are the facts: strange, but all Italian men are alike, visually and mentally!
images* Dressing behavior – Italian style
How can you know that an Italian is approaching besides the tactful or brazenly hitting on you? Now, we’re talking about knowing that this guy is Italian from a distance of 15-20 meters depending on the myopia.
Small, typically puffer jacket  called “a jacket with waffles” with a mandatory hood with puff / some say to be modern/ black knit hat, black-rimmed glasses type “intellectual from the 80s”, decently balding.
If he’s by its own it might be confusing and you could mistake him from the distance … But if there are two men, – with engineering accuracy you can conclude – Italians!
The behavior is also similar. They go out mainly on Friday and Saturday night. A restaurant, bar, the next bar, night club, disco. To eat they prefer Italian food. It’s also true that they won’t refuse to try traditional Bulgarian dishes. It often appears that the origin of the dish is controversial. Go argue with a Sicilian man that the potato balls which your mother makes on Sunday are not the famous so called Sicilian potato balls of his Grandma …
You  cannot argue with a Sicilian guy, it’s useless, he is always are right .

Man-eating-spaghetti-001* Dinning behavior – Italian dinner
For the Italians Food equals life. A good meal is a symbol of the good life. Most of the Italians are skilled chefs. We had the honour to try homemade Italian food. Everything is done with attention to detail. The recipe is followed precisely. But … Why should they eat the salad after the main course?  We haven’t received an answer to this question. Italians eat everything with bread. Pizza with bread. Pasta with bread. Compulsory part of the order in a restaurant is the focaccia with rosemary,  focaccia with olives, focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes, oregano … Whatever Focaccia offers the restaurant. To our surprise, it turns out that most of the best restaurants in Burgas offer extremely delicious focaccia.
Italian men love local wine. We received many compliments of the good and quality production of wine. Coming from Italian this compliment sounds as a first prize in an international competition. The homemade rakia /brandy is also highly appreciated. The Italians drink it with pleasure, but after dinner in as shots for better digestion.

IMG_15951* Invitation behavior – to pay a visit Italian style
Italian men love to get together with guys from their own kind. We busted the myth of the Italian lovers of football. At least those Italians in Burgas fall more for gathering in order dinner and grooming friends or colleagues, fast speeds and motors. There are very few football fans. But let’s wait until the start of World Cup 2014.
So – if you have been invited Italian dinner at home, make sure you bring wine. The invitation will say that only your presence is enough, but a bottle of wine would be appreciated as well. Yes, this small note about the wine will be written in the invitation mail. You can also buy some dessert – a cake or some sweets, vanilla ice cream. The Italians will be glad. They look just like children in a pastry shop at the sight of dolci – desserts. When invited to a Italian home dinner party get ready for five things and a bonus:
1.  To hear the story in details why this menu of typical Italian cuisine has been chosen;
2.  Detail description of the preparation of each dish;
3.  To eat quickly, faster than you can imagine because until you’re still on the appetizer, the main meal will be over – the Italian eat damn fast;
4.  To drink different types of wine – mixing white wine , red wine … The type of wine does not matter. More probably  you start with white, go red – Merlot, Cabernet , Pinot Noir – whatever brought the guests and the host has and then again with a glass of white wine with the dessert. Finally the end will be by shot of brandy or grappa.
5.  To leave at 23.00. Why? Well, just because this is the way they are used to. All leave early. And if you do not want to look strange in the eyes of the Italians – follow the saying “when in Rome… act like the Romans do”.
/this in case that guests are more than just you. If it turns out, my dear girl, that you’re the only guest – then expect something totally different that is described here /

What about the bonus you might ask. Well, you saw the picture, right? Get ready and prepare yourself to see a heartbreaking picture of the host /a male Italian/ kissing some of his friends /also male Italians/ on their baldy heads. We never asked why the hell?!?! But we assumed it was some sort ot showing who’s the Boss around the house. Or maybe some silly South Italian tradition. Or perhaps just love! Ah, Italians – That’s Amore!
slowly_s345x230* Going Out Conduct Behavior – Nightlife Italian style
Do they go out together or alone from home – this is something we do not know. However, most often one of them comes in the bar. He looks around; judging how’s the situation looking like.  He orders a drink – most often a beer and continues looking. He usually prefers to pay now. In 15 min the other Italians begin to come in twos and threes. Until they gather in a group of 10-15 Italians.  Everyone orders a drink, pays. Most often when in the bar the Italians order a beer, drink it and leave. Meanwhile everybody notices them. It[s impossible to neglect the picture of a compact group of 10-12 men, half balding, well dressed, wearing reading glasses and puffer jackets with the  mandatory pads and hair on the hoods. Once the beer is finished, the group heads to the next bar in Burgas. Or night club. They don’t stay long in any place.
Because we are good and nice, we will give hints and guidance where you can meet this mythical creature – Italian man or group of Italians in Burgas. Since, as we said they stick to stereotypes, the Italians can often be seen in some of the most famous restaurants, nightclubs and bars in Burgas:

Neptune Restaurant and Bar
Happy Bar and Grill
Happy Bar and Grill Sushi
Backstage Club

/*all photos used in this article are taken from internet, because ours are better not to be shown in public/


First thing First

21 Feb

It’s Friday, folks! It’s hitting the town time. Our goal, to visit some of the finest restaurants in Burgas, and after that to have a drink or two at our favorite bar in Burgas. Or why not take part some DJ party night?