The NightBus or how the Bus became a Night Bar

27 Aug


We were students once. And every Friday/Saturday night we had the same dilemma – whether to go home with the last bus for the day and miss all the fun at the disco, or to catch the first bus in the morning. Sometimes choosing the second option, no matter how tempting it was, meant one week grounding.

nightbus 2nightbus 1
The Russians invented the proper solution. Just catch the NightBus and have fun. You don’t even need a ticket. Just remember to call in advance for reservation. I guess online booking is also available. It’s like Drink&Drive, only you are the guest and you can drink and dance as much as you like!

nightbus 3nightbus 5
Going on a bus – bar on wheels is a unique experience. Yet have in mind that the bumpy road and lots of alcohol don’t match. Drink wisely and enjoy the ride. The NightBus is know 8 years now in Moscow. Too bad we don’t have that kind of bar in Burgas. But Who knows, maybe one day some clever entrepreneur will consider launching the bar on wheels idea here too. I can imagine a BurgasBus blue and white painted bus – bar in Burgas for all the curious customers.

nightbus 4nightbus 6
Dear restaurateurs and owners of bars in Burgas – start considering! All you have to do is to provide a bus, proper equipment, DJ, cool bartenders, one driver / desirable sober /, microphones and some karaoke. Who does not love to sing through the windows of the bus? Op, as we said windows – urination is also an important part of the night out culture. For this purpose, the Russians have provided toilet on the bus.
Thank you! See you at the 23.00h bus!
nightbus 11nightbus 10nightbus 9


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Rosé Restaurant in Burgas nominated for Restaurant of the Year by Bacchus magazine

05 May


13 years now Bacchus magazine holds a competition for Restaurant of the Year. Recognized in any of the six categories means that the restaurants, winning the first place in any of the categories: Restaurant of the Year, Best Hotel Restaurant, Debut, Original cuisine, Delicious place or The best selection of drinks, maintains high standards and the win honors the professionalism of restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers and the whole team of the winner restaurant.

Restaurant of the Year Bakhus Magazine

We were extremely happy to learn that among the 20 finalists for the Restaurant of the Year 2013 is one of our favorite restaurants in Burgas the Rosé Restaurant Burgas.

rosé reatsurant burgas
Rosé is a unique restaurant in Burgas – subtle and refined. Located on the busiest pedestrian street in Burgas, Rosé restaurant has the feel of a cozy French restaurant in the quiet streets around Paris. Meals offered by Rosé restaurant  Burgas have their unique delicate taste and the service is impeccable and delicate. Rosé is by all means a high-end restaurant frequented by foreigners and tourists in Burgas. Local people are somehow afraid of the fine atmosphere and elegant interior design of the restaurant Rosé. Maybe in Burgas we are not used to spoil ourselves. Because this is exactly what Rosé Restaurant in Burgas promise – to pamper you. To deliver you a culinary delight and aftertaste of carefully selected wines that remain in your memory for long wearing and slight flavor of that softest French melody which was gently spreading around the tables of Rosé Restaurant in Burgas.

We look impatiently forward to the end of May, when the jury of the Bacchus magazine will announce the winners. And we are confident that the Rosé Restaurant Burgas will be among them!


/photos by Bacchus magazine and Rosé Restaurant Burgas/


Memories from Burgas on my way to Roma

22 Apr


They say that life is a series of memories that events we’ve experienced had left with us. Something like traces in the time. Everything is transient, nothing lasts forever. Unless, of course The Eternal CityRome. I do not really know whether all roads lead to Rome, but somehow today my present crossed its paths with Rome in the past. I recalled memories which haven’t been visiting my mind for years. This oddly nostalgic mood may be caused by planets, or it’s just the spring, the Easter, or the clamor from the Burgas Sea Garden and all the family gathered together for the holiday – all mixed to blow some long forgotten pictures from my childhood. 25 years ago this place was a gas station. I do not remember when exactly it was built. Somewhere in my early childhood years perhaps. This gas station known as the Gas station in Lazur, was there ever since I can recall. I spent the best days of my early life in this area. When people asked me where I live, I used to say – there, near the entrance to the Flora complex, next to the gas stations. Everybody knew that place. The Gas station was there when I was coming back from school, was there when all the kids from the neighbourhood were gathering in big groups to play, it was there when I was coming back home from the college, it was there when years later I was visiting my parents.
This year I spent Easter at home with the family. The next morning I woke up, I went out on the balcony to have my morning coffee, and looked at the old gas station by habit. Several children were playing on the swings in that morning, their parents were having a cup of coffee in the smoker’s area and staff of the Bistro Cafe Roma restaurant was busy preparing for lunch. I smiled the Italian flag encircling the four sides of the restaurant building, had a sip of coffee and I said to myself how well this place goes on the background of fresh spring greenery. It seemed like the Italian restaurant has always been here. As you know, since I can remember, this restaurant has held a green area between the blocks and the Sea Garden. Great idea, I thought, to have a nice bistro where to drink a beer in the evenings when you’re too lazy to get dressed and go down to the town center. To have your restaurant two steps away from your place is great. It’s much even better when the cozy restaurant is an Italian restaurant! I sipped the coffee again and went back inside.
3 hours later, I realized how odd the human brain is. How quickly we forget and how in the most unexpected moment can it resurrect back memories out of the blue. If you think about it, you decide you’ve forgotten those childhood stories years ago. The Gas station was in front of my eyes all my life. And now it’s no longer here. Two months ago, in January they demolished the old building and started a construction of a new facility. It was nice realizing that the new building is in fact the new Bistro Cafe Roma in Burgas. I recognize it right away when they put the metal structures and the ApolloVersace ornaments on top. The owner of Bistro Cafe Roma is Bulgarian, but the restaurant is known as pizzeria and the atmosphere represents a typical Italian restaurant in Burgas, Italy and worldwide. Except for the tablecloths – they aren’t red and white squared. Apparently there is something in common between the Italians in Burgas and Apollo – another bunch of are funny memories from my very recent past.

Let’s go back to Roma. My path is still somehow curved around this Eternal city. I’ve missed visiting Rome at least 4 times. Still the rest of Italy is quite familiar to me. We have our history. Whether we love us or not, like or dislike – this is debatable. Surely there is some karmic connection and un/healthy relationship between me and Italy. I love Italian food. Friends say that the pizzas I make are more delicious than the pizzas in any Italian restaurant in Burgas. For the Italian pasta am not an expert, although I learned a thing or two the last year. I already know what andente means. I learned how to tell when is the right time, to take the boiling pasta out of the heat and drain it properly. I understood the difference between small types of Italian pasta and the methods of cooking and choosing the right ingredients. I discovered the importance of the so-called farfalle – small type Italian pasta in the form of ribbons or butterflies. In search of farfalle, and stocking it “just in case” one day it turned out that not only there were 4 packages of this type of Italian pasta in the kitchen cabinet, but there were two cute little raw farfalle or butterflies living comfortably in my bag.
Back in the old days, as kids we chased to catch butterflies in the green grass around the gas station that thrive almost as much as our height. We ate green peaches with the moss straight from the peach tree that grew in the yard. At the entrance of the old gas station was a white painted stripped bench .We were not allowed to hang out there during the day. After 16.00 when it was closing time, all kids gathered and sat on this old scrubbed bench and we began to play “movies”. The game was easy – describing a certain movie with mime and gestures, and the others had to guess it. Now when I think how little we knew about cinema back then. Yet the films were different. Today we often look for a restaurant with a TV. Sometimes we played ball in the yard of the gas station. Now we are looking for a restaurant with a TV where to watch football games or matches from the World Cup 2014. On the same white bleached bench we made our first steps in foreign languages learning. Whichever of us has had a big brother or sister and knew two-three words in English, Italian, and French was sharing the knowledge with the rest of the children. We were writing the foreign words on the pavement with chalk and arguing about the correct to pronunciation. Today, you can sit at one of the tables in the friendly Bistro Cafe Roma, open the menu and learn some Italian by reading it. The Italian dishes menu includes: Tagliatelle Roma, Pizza Prosciutto is Fungi, Pizza Quattro Fromaggi, and Chocolate Mousse with Mascarpone.

italianska kuhnia
It seems like the past and present stand somehow naturally together – they fold and unfold individually and collectively blurring the lines between them. Has everything changed, or it’s somewhat more or less broadly the same. The old gas station is gone. But again there are voices, flow of people and a place where can children play. Maybe foreign words are not written with chalk on the ground, but are there – printed with ink on the menu of an Italian restaurant Bistro Cafe Roma. The “movies” game is more about telling stories from our lifes or listening to a dramedy conversation between two lovers on the next table.
I remembered one more thing – the game of “Jokes” – two or three children conspired to joke and show it out like a theater play to the others. Now it seems the biggest and funniest jokes that we tell is how much we have changed since then, how life has changed, how we have grown… The truth is we’re actually the same kids, only we want more and bigger things of life to enjoy. While everyone has took its way, sooner or later it will lead him to Rome. If not, I recommend you to visit Bistro Cafe Roma in Burgas and who knows, you may meet your Italian who will take you to Rome.
roma italia


Birthday party Restaurant Ideas

09 Apr

It’s my birthday time of the year.  It’s not that I don’t like getting older. It’s just that I’d also like getting wiser or smarter. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. I believe that’s also true for most of you out there. Can we do something about it? No. In this case, what’s left is to celebrate.

how old
I like birthday parties. If fact I like all kind of parties – wedding receptions, new baby parties, men only parties, girls only parties, hanging out with friends, name days parties etc.
Then why am I so stressed about my birthday party every single year. I never liked the preparation and organization of my own birthday. I always thought how amazing it would be if my friends or family surprise me with something. Never happened.
So, as most of you I have to choose by my own what to do. Shall I have a home party? Or it’s rather better to celebrate at the best night club in Burgas? Perhaps it would be a good idea to dine out at a cozy restaurant with my family.
I still have around 24 hours to decide what would it be this year. In the mean time let me think which are the most appropriate and ideal restaurants for birthday party in Burgas.
Let’s start with the Boulevard. The Boulevard Pub and Restaurant is a nice and cozy place, where one can gather many people and celebrate. The food is good, and the pizzas – magnificent.
Another option could be the Red Fox Pizza and Pub. There is a fixed menu, but everyday the owners that manage this small and charming restaurant in Burgas, in the hearth of the town, add new fresh ideas and daily delicious meals to the menu. The staff and the owner are always happy to help choosing the right dish for you. But the maximum of people to attend to your birthday party should be around 10, if you want everyone to feel comfortable. As I say, this restaurant with Italian food is small.
Once, some years ago I arranged my birthday party in Incanto Italian restaurant in Burgas. The marinated pork ribs along with the special herbs baked potatoes were oh, God, heavenly delicious!!! Too bad they no longer have them in the menu. If you choose this Italian restaurant for a birthday party, better make a reservation for a week day. Otherwise you risk to listen to the boring or, who knows could be interesting stories, of the Italians on the table right to yours. I adore the Incanto Italian restaurant. It’s one of the romantic restaurants in Burgas,  the atmosphere is intimate… But when crowded it gets too intimate for my personal taste.
If you like to spend more money and prefer more luxurious restaurant in Burgas, with sofisticated spirit around you – than the Neptune Restaurant in Burgas is your place. Just make sure you make your table reservation in advance.
Let’s say you are a real admirer of the Bulgarian Cuisine. In this case I strongly recommend the Tenyovata Kashta Traditional Bulgarian Tavern Restaurant  in Burgas. Everything there from the plates, table clothes, meals and menu are traditional Bulgarian. The restaurant interior is typical and authentic Bulgarian. And if in summer, the garden is so refreshing and allows you to relax and have a drink or two more that planned.

birthday party
At prima vista these restaurants are ideal for birthday parties. And after that, when the night is still young, les’t go to a club.
If your birthday party is at the Neptune restaurant – well it so easier just to go the next door and change the place with the Neptune Bar.
Another good option is Backstage Club. Or why nor Bar Bez Ime /Bar with no name, especially on Friday and Saturday when there are bands playing live music. Keen for a Dj party – then Kashmir Bar in Burgas is the best for you.

I think, I took my decision where and how to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. See you there!


The Art of Food and Food of Art

02 Mar

Duddles 5

Burgas is the nest, the cradle of artists, actors, poets, writers, painters, singers. Not the nest in which they gather to create and share experiences; but the one in which they are born. Here, in Burgas they are raised and nursed with art potential maybe by the sea and the breeze of carelessness it brings. And when the artists grow up, they fly away from the nest to distribute the free spirit to the whole world. Sometimes they return for biennial exhibition or a show.

But the artistic souls of Burgas never linger long enough so that we are able to really feel the artistic bohemian spirit of the city. And how nice it would be, if in Burgas arises such intellectual creative artistic environment for long. We do not know much about art, though we often visit different galleries and opening exhibitions. However, the majority of young people in Burgas prefer to spend their time in a bar, a restaurant, or a night club where they can eat and drink in the company of friends. And why not combine both – art and food?

Duddles 2

That’s exactly what three of the most creative minds of Hong Kong – Alan Lo, Yen Wong and Paulo Pong have managed to create –  Duddell’s – a multifunctional venue hosting cultural events, which offers an extensive menu .

Duddell’s is not a restaurant or a gallery, but actually both. It’s a fine amalgam of fine food and fine art. Hosting a restaurant and cultural salon, Duddell’s is situated on 2 levels occupying 3rd and 4th floor of the mansion Shanghai Tang in Hong Kong Central district. Designed by London situated Studioilse, the  Chinese Restaurant relies on an eclectic mix of modern mid- century furniture, traditional ethnic rugs in contrast with the wall color of travertine and polished cement walls and floors. The entire interior is fighting for attention, withdrawn from the huge balcony that gives a breathtaking tranquillity of lush tropical garden.

Duddles 1

Duddell’s is designed to be a focal point for an art – lovers who desire to eat delicious food prepared and along with her to feed new ideas and concepts. In this art restaurant, a number of cultural events such as exhibitions, literary readings, performances are organized. Along with temporary exhibitions and installations, restaurant gallery Duddell’s is home to a collection of Chinese art graphics of 20th century.

The Art Restaurant Duddell’s emphasis on the multicultural character of the area by preserving and promoting local cultural and creative heritage.

Duddles 4

One of the longest traditions for centuries in the daily life of Chinese people is drinking tea. Offering tea is an elegant demonstration of hospitality and a play a role in Chinese rituals – religious rites during weddings and other ceremonial acts. Tea is at the heart of Chinese culture, illustrating the artistic temperament of the Middle Kingdom to the present day. Just like in an authentic tea house, restaurant gallery Duddell’s continues the tradition of offering delicious varieties of tea, according to ancient Chinese tradition, so as to pamper you with pleasure.

Food and art offered by the restaurant Duddell’s just for connoisseurs and surely satisfy every taste.

Duddles 3

Unfortunately, here in Burgas, an art restaurant of this type is missing. And hardly ever be designed an art restaurant – gallery of this scale. Understandably, we can hardly comparable Burgas to Hong Kong’s. Except that both cities are located on the sea shore. Someday maybe we will visit the southern part of China to taste traditional Chinese cuisine , but for now remain in South Bulgaria.

Burgas has several Chinese restaurants, which at first can quench our hunger for Chinese food and Chinese cuisine. And still, the town has a place that combines art with food – Italian bakery Romeo and Juliet Burgas. True, kitchen and space of Romeo and Juliet are absolutely different than those of Duddell’s. But just as the restaurant gallery of Hong Kong, Italian bakery Romeo and Juliet artistically creates an environment in which literary readings, art and food made ​​with love.

romeo i julieta


Ludogorets Razgrad beats Lazio Rome to meet Valencia. Or how the Italians went home unhappy.

28 Feb

Tonight, Bulgaria somehow managed to become one again . People who are not interested in sport listened to the sports news. Men who do not watch football /oh yeah, sure there are some/ switched the TV channel to watch the football match between Ludogorets – Lazio in Sofia. Was it all energy we put in the desire to win over the Italians, the definite football skills of  the Ludogorets Razgrad football team players, or perhaps the blend of all these brought the victory!
ludogorets lazio1

For years we haven’t watched such sport spirit which Ludogorets Razgrad showed tonight. They were loosing by 0-2 at home, and they managed to catch up, score and turn the total score in their favor . And there, just seven minutes before the end of the match the our goalkeeper received a 3rd goal in his net. Even this final minutes cold shower didn’t scared or disbelieved the Bulgarian team. Ludogorets Razgrad players found the courage, the strength and the will to fight until the end. They dared and they scored and equalizing goal and by thus the Ludogorets team won the right to be a part of 2014 Europe League 1/8 finals. We know Lazio as a very good team, but for years the Italian team is one of the mediocre football teams in the Serie A. Lazio came to Sofia, Bulgaria with the advantage of being strong team, with many years of all kind of international football competitions. But although all the Lazio’s high played class football players on the field, the team failed to show us more than just an ordinary game with no sings of fair play.

ludogorets lazio

So the Italians in Sofia – Lazio team and managers, fans and supporters were forced to pack up quietly the bags and go home with unpleasant memories. What about the Bulgarians – our joy and euphoria can not be described with words. The only thing that can make our happiness more to somehow wave the beautiful earned Bulgarian win in front the faces of all the Italians in Burgas. We imagined ourselves smiling widely to the Italians in BarBossa, nodding our head toward the TV. Hey, did you hear that Ludogorets Razgrad eliminated Lazio Rome from the finals of the Europe League? And then we remembered that these Italians in Burgas are not very interested in football.


And we have always been fans of Neftohimic Burgas, Chernomorets Burgas, CSKA. And yet Ludogorets won our hearts! So we will be with the Bulgarian team in two weeks when facing Valencia. Valencia is a beautiful city. Very beautiful. But we promise not to step there, nor in Sofia for the next stage of Europe League matches. We will stay in front of the TV in order to continue the winning row. Guess we are somehow superstitious.

But our promise is in the days around matches between Ludogorets Razgrad – Valencia to visit our favorite Spanish restaurants in Varna and bars serving Spanish cuisine in Burgas.
The first game for the Europa League 1/8 finals is between Ludogorets Razgrad – Valencia on 13th March, Thursday in Sofia. So we think the previous weekend to visit Bar’celona Cafe & Bar Burgas tapas night and eat delicious tapas. And after the second game when we’ll know the final score – will Ludogorets Razgrad continue towards the ¼ final of the Europe League we’ll take a culinary trip weekend and will definitely visit Bodega Restaurant Varna.


Online Restaurant Booking

23 Feb

online restaurant booking   You wake up at 3.00 in the morning. You take a look at the beautiful creature that sleeps next to you and you realize that it’s your anniversary tomorrow.
online restaurant booking1Or suddenly you remember that you forgot to book a kids club for your child birthday party /something that you promised to do to your wife 4 days ago/. Do you need to wait until tomorrow morning when the restaurant, kids club or your favorite pizzeria opens? No! Not anymore!

Bedroom evening - woman with laptopNow you can book a table in a restaurant in the middle of the night, early in the morning, even when writing the annual financial report, without you colleagues to understand. How? It’s very simple.
Online restaurant booking has been there for years. Most often people associate online booking with hotels and vacations. It’s an undeniable fact that online reservations are more used in the hospitality area. But the interesting thing is that the online booking is an emerging new trend in the world of restaurants, bars and nightlife. It’s called online restaurant booking or online restaurant table booking, online bar booking and other similar names associated with online booking, reservation of pizzerias, bars or clubs. The online restaurant reservation is used only for banquets, weddings and various corporate and family celebrations, but also just for ordinary dinner.
The benefits of online restaurant booking are more than obvious. It saves the demand of accurate details – address and telephone number of the restaurant. It saves the annoying conversation with someone from the staff, either a waiter or manager.
But most of all – online restaurant booking is fast, easy and  offers 100% correct transfer of required data – date, time, type of table, number of people, name and surname. The possibility of error in recording for example the reservation date is practically equal too.
online restaurant booking3

All you need is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC, and two minutes. Online booking a table at a restaurant is quick, easy and practical.
1. Select restaurant, bar, pizzeria, cafe, kids club in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv, Sofia or another town in Bulgaria.
2 . Choose date, time, number of guests.
3 . Fill in your contact information – name, phone, e-mail.
After clicking and confirming your reservation, you will receive a reply with the details in your online restaurant reservation and respectively confirmation.


Restaurant Booking

23 Feb

Making a reservation for a restaurant table – do I need to?
Surely you, like most people have had the unpleasant and annoying experience with confusion and misunderstanding, by lodging in a restaurant.
restaurant booking

The most common scenario is the following:

* First, you start with a search of contact details of the restaurant – phone and address of restaurant, bar, pizzeria, which you’d like to visit. Today, though internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, not all restaurants have their own websites. However, there is always Google. And once entered the name of the desired restaurant in Burgas, Bar in Burgas, pizzeria in Varna, you probably reached one of the most complete and probably the most correct online guide to the world of restaurants in several cities of Bulgaria – Naturally, there are other catalogs, websites that we offer more or less complete information and contact details. And it’s true that there’s Facebook too.
You were probably able to find through any of the above methods your favorite restaurant or bar’s phone number. It took you few minutes, right?
* You give the chosen restaurant a call.  Most often someone answers. Unfortunately, sometimes, especially in the busiest restaurants such as Shtastlivetsa Restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo is not always easy for the staff to answer in time. But let’s say you have reached the manager. And there the conversation starts. They ask you for details:  when for you’d like to book a table, for how many people, at time you will arrive, under which name should the restaurant table reservation should be made, a telephone number… Details. The conversation is usually short. There’s often a noisy background. But you hope that everything is noticed accurately and correctly.

* The day comes and you are heading to the restaurant or bar, where it turns out that they expect you tomorrow.  Or the arriving time is not correct. But how is that possible? Did you confirm the information? Yes, you did.. But the restaurant manager probably got it wrong.
And shifting tables starts.  Yes, one way or another they will manage to find you and your guests some place, but does it have to be this way?
Of course, this is the worst scenario. There is another one funnier. You’ve spent some time looking for the restaurant contact information, phone, address of restaurant, bar, pizzeria, pastry shop, club in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv. You give them a phone call; make a reservation for a table. And when the day of the reservation comes, you go and it turns out that the restaurant is empty. Can you be sure that if the next time you skip calling and booking a restaurant table, the situation will be the same? There will be vacancies? Or that you’ll be able to find place in the bar for the live show concert of your favorite band.

And how much more convenient it would be if there was a system for precise and flawless transmission of all the information, online booking for restaurant, bar, club. Either way you spend long enough time on the internet. Why calling the restaurant when it can be even easier.
Congratulations. Online restaurant booking systems exist for more than10 years now.

More about online restaurant booking, bar, club, pizzeria booking; online restaurant table reservation, online Booking a table in a bar you can get here.


Serbian Pljeskavica vs Italian Pizza

23 Feb

Burgas. The Mall. The New Mall as they call it, though he is old now. An Audio advertising – weird funny type offering some sort of “Pljeskavica and Pizza”. We believe it was about a newly opened restaurant in Burgas. Forgive us our ignorance, but we haven’t checked this restaurant yet.

restoran_pirke_-_gurmanska_pljeskavicaListening to this advertisement, we,, got only one thing: this new restaurant will be run on the principle of most Russian restaurants mixing Italian Cuisine with Asian cuisine for example. So this Restaurant in Galleria Mall Burgas specializes in combining Serbian Cuisine and Italian cuisine. And we like both. We just adore meat wrapped in a veil and thrown on the grill fire. Separately we worship also the authentic Italian pizzas.
authentic-italian-pizzaFor Italian restaurants in Burgas we can talk a lot. In our immodest opinion, shared by some of the Italians in Burgas, the best pizza is in Boulevard Pub Burgas. We tasted the pizzas at  Zornitca Pizzeria Burgas. The Pizzas at Incanto Italian Restaurant are also good. But we dare to say that only the pizzas at  Bistro Cafe Roma Burgas  can compare to those of the Boulevard Pub. The chefs at Romance Pub & Pizza have something to offer to the fans a thicker crust. If you’re like us connoisseur of the thin crust and quality ingredients, we recommend you the Boulevard Pub Burgas.

And when more sober, we thought it was time to revisit Gusticceria Foods – authentic Italian breeze in our sweet little boring Burgas.


Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

23 Feb

Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

My first Asian cuisine childhood memories are of Vietnamese cuisine, somewhere in the 80s back in the 20th century. Then in Bulgaria along came the Chinese cuisine and Chinese restaurants. Later as a part of the Asian cuisine inevitably came also the Japanese cuisine.
The Japanese culture, eating with chopsticks and Japanese cuisine entered in the everyday life and eating out habits of the people. Eating culture has change. To order sushi in a restaurant or place an order for sushi food delivery is quite normal nowadays. For the last 10 years when Japanese cuisine took its place not only in the food and dining out establishments, restaurants in Burgas, but also in the hypermarket chains as ingredients for home Asian cuisine cooking.
Sushi is no longer synonymous with raw fish and seaweed. We are now able to make the difference between maki and temaki.  We know where to buy  Nuri and what wasabi sauce means.
Sushi bars and sushi restaurants in Burgas, Varna , Plovdiv, Sofia and other towns  in Bulgaria, offer from traditional types of sushi to fine Asian cuisine and Japanese food prepared with passion, patience and careful combination of unique flavors.
Increasingly, sushi restaurants create Asian cuisine inspired by Kaiseki, Zen , traditional Japanese cuisine and Western influences and experiment – all in the name of healthy and quality food.
The freshest seafood and fish, cut under the laws of Kaiseki becomes sashimi, ongini, temaki.
Crunchy tempura delight envelops the senses; vegetables transformed into sweet tayaki; vegetables and meat wrapped in delicate Japanese frying pasta…
Japanese cuisine is designed to overflow tastes in all senses and leave you with the feeling of purified elegance, lightness, delicate harmony of East Asian breeze.
Many of us have mastered the non professional skills of making sushi at home. Following strictly or modifying recipes, it is important to respect the balance and the fine taste.

We personally leave the taste to flow from the hands of the professionals in our favourite sushi restaurants in Burgas, Varna and Sofia.
Here are some of the best Asian restaurants, specializing in the traditions of Japanese cuisine:

Sushi House Burgas

ZEN asian cuisine, sushi & bar Burgas

Sazae Sushi Bar Varna

Happy Bar & Grill Sushi Burgas

/photo by